Organic swimmer’s shampoo 250ml


Swimmer’s shampoo with peppermint oil 250ml 8oz

designed to remove chlorine, minerals deposited from hard water or well water.

Salons use this prior to chemical services to ensure hair is problem free.

As minerals and chlorine build up on hair can cause some unwanted effects.

Added glycerin for moisture and hydration, plant keratin to strengthen hair,and honey for shine

PH balanced

Chemical Free like all our products**

Natural farm oils grown by Organic Body Shop and harvested on site.-used in most of our products

Made in Barrie Ontario Canada

Exclusive Scientific Formula of Organic Body Shop Factory.

All Paraben free

No Animal Testing

Vegan ingredients -except beeswax may be in some products-read the ingredients to check you have no natural allergies.

contains all natural ingredients

sodium sulfite is necessary food ingredient that in shampoo is an  oxygen scavenger agent removing chlorine and minerals

Distilled Water Palm oil triglycerides,natural betaine,Phyto-keratin,silk amino acids,Mentha Piperia (Peppermint) Oil,sodium sulfite FG,nacl (sea salt) Rosemary Orin.




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