Prevent Sage Thickening Shampoo 250ml


Prevent Sage Thickening Shampoo 8oz 250ml

  • Sage is a traditional topical treatment for graying hair, and the herb may promote new hair growth, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.
  • Sage has antibiotic, anti-allergic and antiseptic properties and is a source of magnesium, zinc, potassium, and vitamins B and C.
  • We also use ancient cedarwood as the natives did to keep hair and Cedarwood can be used for hair loss, dandruff, and itching. can help with alopecia (hair loss). ph balanced works well and smells amazing.
  • Through history Natives Indians and Egyptians used Cedarwood and Sage for hair loss, dandruff, and itching. can help with alopecia (hair loss).
  • PH balanced and smells amazing.
    All natural sustainable ingredients. 

    No animal testing. Paraben Free. Recyclable plastics. Biodegradable packaging. PH balance. Crafted by a chemist.

    All products are naturally preserved and have a 2 year shelf life. 

    Made by Organic Body in Ontario Canada 

    All product names and ingredient combinations are proprietary and intellectual property of Organic  Body Shop

    Item may be different from photo.

    Aqua distillate, Alyke Benzoate C12-15 (natural), ,coco betaine (natural), Vegetable Glycerin, Panthenol B5, Salvia Sclarea (Clary) Oil, Cedrus alantica (cedarwood) Bark, Rosemary Orin.


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