Neem Sea Face Wash 8oz- sensitive and rosea


Neem Sea face wash 8oz

(about 30 applications)

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Yo need to use the whole line of Neem Sea products sold here for best results.

A blend of neem oil -seaweed and salt water.

Neem sea foaming wash has a number of skin benefits to hydrate-prevent irritation and repair skin. To teach it to work for itself by infusing ingredients that promote cell regeneration.

Benefits of neem oil in skin care for its anti aging properties, neem oil is loaded with nutrients, fatty acids and antioxidants that keep the free radicals under control thus slowing the skin aging.

Dead Sea Salt Water Benefits

Closes open pores. Soaks up excess oil. Balances oil production. Kills acne-causing and other  bacteria.

Diminishes scars. Heals scrapes and cuts. Exfoliates dead skin cells.

Restores skin’s natural pH. Improves skin barrier function

Seaweed Benefits

seaweed increases circulation and firms and tones skin.

Mineral-rich laminaria seaweed heals and calms skin (particularly sensitive, rosacea, after sun exposure) and delivers deep hydration.

Anti-inflammatory (calms skin redness)

Removes all dirt ,makeup and pollution.

Leaving skin fresh and soft.

A little goes a long way. 8oz-236ml -about 30 applications.

Contains: Sea Water, Alyke benzoate (earth mineral) Vegetable Glycerin ,Neem oil, Cedar Essential oil,Seaweed extract, Rosemary Orin.

PH Balanced.



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