Foot Soak Sea Salt.Natural Antifungal

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Dead Sea Salt Foot Soak

with Essential Oils and Back tea.

Dead sea Salts Benefits

Relieves tired, aching feet and leg muscles

Concentrated – use about 3 tablespoons in a foot bath.

Water will change color

Soak about 20 minutes.

  • Calm skin allergies: If you suffer from skin allergies such as eczema, or fungal condition like athlete’s foot, a Dead Sea salt bath can work wonders. It has wonderful anti-fungal, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties that help cleanse and detoxify. Magnesium is also a natural anti-inflammatory, and will help calm and soothe inflamed skin.
  • Deodorise: The antifungal, detoxifying effects of a Dead Sea salt bath are a great way to naturally deodorize feet.
  • Relieve arthritis: Dead Sea salts have shown to have wonderful therapeutic benefits for rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Relax and Revive Sore Feet and Aching Joints: A long soak in Dead Sea salt water is a brilliant way to soothe those aching joints and muscles in the feet. Bromide helps ease muscle cramps, while the anti-inflammatory and detoxifying agents help reduce joint swelling, soreness and stiffness.

Helps relieve sports injuries

heals and disinfects skin

Helps disinfect skin and toe nails

Help maintain and control Gout

Just add it to water and soak for about 20 minutes

Gout is a form of arthritis resulting from excessive buildup of uric acid in your body. The salt, called irate, from excess uric acid causes crystals to form in your joints, leading to pain and inflammation. An affected joint usually becomes shiny, swollen and stiff, and it can be red or purple in color. Gout is related to high triglycerides, excess alcohol consumption and consumption of purine-rich foods like meat and shellfish. You should seek medical treatment for gout, but also watch your diet and avoid certain foods and drinks. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, black tea is one thing you should avoid or at least reduce your consumption of if you have gout.

Epsom salt is a mineral compound mined from natural sources; it’s comprised of magnesium and sulfate. It has health, beauty and household benefits. It can be used to alleviate the symptoms of gout.

Tea Tree essential oil is broad spectrum of anti fungal and antimicrobial properties makes it ideal for the treatment of conditions like gout and other fungus.

salt water could ease the agony of arthritis. … It occurs when the immune system attacks the joints, causing pain and swelling, most commonly in the hands, wrists and feet. It can develop very … Previous studies have shown Dead Sea salts in bath water can relieve arthritis.

All natural sustainable ingredients. 

No animal testing. Paraben Free. Recyclable plastics. Biodegradable packaging. PH balance. Crafted by a chemist.

All products are naturally preserved and have a 2 year shelf life. 

Made by Organic Body in Ontario Canada 

All product names and ingredient combinations are proprietary and intellectual property of Organic  Body Shop

Item may be different from photo.

contains Dead Sea Salt,Epsom salt ,Black Tea herbs, Tea Tree oil, Rosemary Oil,Peppermint Oil




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