Bath Salts- Cold & Flu with essential tax.




Cold & Flu Bath salts with essential oils

-Added Epsom salt to relax muscles and joints

-Designed to make you feel better and get you breathing and decongestant.

-Essential oils can enter your blood stream in a bath. this is why we suggest a pure essential oil blend and no added artificial fragrances.

-All natural blend of Dead Sea Salts,Himalayan salts and Epsom salts.

-To help with mineral absorption and skin hydration and essential oils

-To help with mineral absorption and skin hydration


All n

All natural sustainable ingredients. 

No animal testing. Paraben Free. Recyclable plastics. Biodegradable packaging. PH balance. Crafted by a chemist.

All products are naturally preserved and have a 2 year shelf life. 

Made by Organic Body in Ontario Canada 

All product names and ingredient combinations are proprietary and intellectual property of Organic  Body Shop

Item may be different from photo.

atural blend of Dead Sea Salts,Epsom salts.  Mentha piperita (PeppermintOil. Echinacea (Coneflower) Extract.Citrus Limonium (Lemon) Oil. Commiphora myrrha (Myhrr) Oil


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