Citrus Blast Organic Sunflower Lotion

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Citrus Blast Sunflower Lotion


Exclusive blend of citrus essential oils. Creating a unique aromatherapy experience (like all our products) Using only pure essential oils of Lemon, Orange and Lime

Super hydrating -non greasy body lotion

    • Citrus oils add fresh sweet aroma to your skin.They will fade slowly as these are natural product.
    • All aroma’s start stronger and fade to a fresh very light scent and soft skin all day.
    • helps improve mood,clear minds and balance skin.
    • Using these Organic products gives you aromatherapy benefits as well as topical benefits.
    • Infused with lactic acid for extra soft skin.
    • Infused with sunflower + vegetable glycerin
    • Super hydrating – with vegetable glyerin and sunflower oil
    • -Essential oil product
    • -Oils open up with the warmth of your skin and smell stronger-so you know they are natural.
    • -Natural Essential Oils leave a light natural scent on your skin.
    • essential oil product will leave a nice aroma in the air during your shower.
    • -Concentrated so a drop goes a long Way! (about 30 uses)
    • use a pea size in the palm of your hand to start.
    • Massage into skin. Once you stop rubbing it absorbs quickly.
    • 236ml-8oz
    • -Sunflower has natural vitamins to nourish your skin. 
    • we stand behind every product we make.
    • biodegradable ingredients + sustanable ingredients
    • no animal testing
    • most essential oils used in products are made by organic body shop.
    • We offer essential oils native to North America -Canada
    • most citrus oils essential oil -we import

distilled water,emulsifying wax,helianthus annuss(sunflower)oil, vegetable glycerin, essentail oils, rosemary orin.


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